Top 20 Simulation Companies - 2017

Today, simulation technology is making its way into numerous applications across a wide number of fields such as manufacturing, energy, automotive, aviation, and much more. Add to that, the ever-growing reach and demand IoT and AI and the possibilities have become even greater. With digital twins now becoming more common and simulation solutions linking with CAM programs with relative ease, companies can use sensors in the physical world to accurately design and simulate real-world objects with real-world conditions. This leads to radical reductions in cost and time as it negates the need for the construction of physical models for testing purposes. Providers are also developing predictive simulation tools for companies to understand the dynamics of their business processes.

Simulation solutions now offer programs with a wider range of capabilities and greater depth and industries are actively incorporating advanced simulation programs into their project workflows. To improve training methods, companies are resorting to simulation technologies that test employee skills against real-world scenarios. Simulation technology will continue to be extensively used by the defense and aviation industries, but as providers actively increase their simulator repertoire, simulation will find more wide-reaching uses in other industries, such as mining, oil, and gas, construction, etc. Simulation technologies provide a detailed emulation on the behavior and composition of materials and firms in these industries can leverage the technology to transform their businesses like never before.

With a more comprehensive view into the technology’s wide applications and potentialities and to assist organizations in choosing their best simulation solutions partner, this edition of CIO Review brings you the “20 Most Promising Simulation Solution Providers - 2017.” A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts including the CIO Review editorial board have selected the most promising companies in the simulation space that showcase extensive business knowledge combined with innovative solutions, strategies, and talent bases.

    Top Simulation Companies

  • 1

    Offers the best and broadest portfolio of engineering simulation software

  • 2

    Provides best in class products and services for the payment industry

  • 3

    Develops high-tech engineering and educational software

  • 4

    Creates simulation software and provides simulation modelling services

  • 5

    Leading provider of simulators and training systems to organizations mainly in the military, port, and construction verticals

  • 6

    Provides simulation solutions for a variety of industrial verticals by generating digital emulations

  • 7

    Provides customized cyber simulators and cyber range environments for cyber training individuals in defense organizations, bank, industries, governments, and universities

  • 8

    Delivers high performance, cost-effective real-time simulation solutions for designing control strategies of power electronics systems used in automotive, aerospace, and energy sectors

  • 9

    Provides simulations services, software, and consulting

  • 10

    Provides turnkey flight simulator solutions and update services for all major OEM manufacturers

  • 11

    Emulates CAD software interfaces and features allowing engineers and designers in different places, using different software to collaborate simultaneously in real-time at the same 3D model

  • 12

    ARI Simulation

    ARI Simulation

    Provides simulation training systems for training, screening, feasibility analysis, and process development

  • 13

    ESSS North America

    ESSS North America

    Provides simulation solutions which include reservoir simulation visualization and post-processing, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), micro-structural characterization, and development of customized simulation software tools

  • 14

    ETC Simulation

    ETC Simulation

    Provides simulating environments for training, testing, and research and development

  • 15

    INCONTROL Simulation Solutions

    INCONTROL Simulation Solutions

    Manufacturer of simulation software catering to industries like logistics, manufacturing, airports amongst others

  • 16

    Mechanical Simulation Corporation

    Mechanical Simulation Corporation

    Develops and distributes advanced software to simulate vehicle behavior and on-road interactions

  • 17

    Schmid & Partner Engineering AG

    Schmid & Partner Engineering AG

    Develops and manufactures simulation software for the evaluation of near and far-field electromagnetic radiation

  • 18



    Delivers leading edge solutions for the design, emulation, and scheduling of complex systems

  • 19

    The Epsilon Group

    The Epsilon Group

    Provides proprietary bio-simulation services and software which enable physiologically-based modeling of a wide range of problems in the lab and translational research

  • 20

    TRU Simulation

    TRU Simulation

    Delivers innovative, total aviation training solutions to the commercial and military markets while providing superior technical support and customer service